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LockBit Releases 1.5 TB of Data Stolen From Indonesia’s BSI Bank

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ByDavid Brown

Aug 23, 2023
LockBit leaks 1.5 TB from Indonesia's BSI Bank
David Brown

Following a failure in ransom talks, the LockBit ransomware organization revealed 1.5 gigabytes of allegedly stolen financial and personal data on Tuesday. The largest Islamic bank in the nation’s customer and staff databases, according to the organization, include personal and financial data on nearly 15 million people.

Three more nationalized banks were combined to become the state-owned bank in 2021. In order to service its roughly 18 million consumers, BSI has more than 1,100 locations.

The nation’s central bank, Bank Indonesia, announced on Thursday that BSI’s real-time gross settlement, national clearing system, and Bank Indonesia Fast Payment services have been restored under its watch. 

On May 11, BSI President and CEO Hery Gunardi stated that bank branches and ATMs were once again operational and that “capacity building” was being done to reestablish core banking and crucial channels. Gunardi said that on May 8 there were interruptions because BSI was performing “risk mitigation in the company’s IT system by carrying out maintenance.”

What is Known About the Attack

According to him, the bank discovered signs of a cyberattack and “switched off several channels to ensure system security”. In response, LockBit claimed that the bank “brazenly lied to their customers and partners, reporting some kind of ‘technical work’ being carried out at the bank” while, in reality, its malware was to blame for the interruptions.

On May 8 to May 13, the ransomware group revealed information about its discussions with bank personnel. The images show that the bank suggested spending $10 million to get back the stolen data. Before going silent, LockBit made a $20 million demand.

Ma’ruf Amin, vice president of Indonesia, stated on Monday that the BSI incident was an unpleasant experience for the general people and urged the bank to upgrade its systems to fend against any attacks

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