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Scandalous DSG`s Ashley Furniture Hacked by Ransomware, More Workers are Quitting

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ByDavid Brown

Aug 24, 2023
DSG's Ashley Furniture Hacked, More Workers Quit
David Brown

Reddit users claimed that ransomware hit several Ashley stores owned by DSG in the US. User @60_and_still_kicking wrote: “Daughter’s boyfriend works as a salesman on commission and the stores have been locked out of their computers systems. Employees are quitting in mass due to not being paid commissions and not giving out any information?” 

The original Reddit post about Ashley Furniture breach.

Other users in comments confirmed the statement, saying that DSG computer systems in other stores were compromised as well, and workers have not been paid. Ashley Furniture has not yet provided any comments regarding the cyberattack.

Comments from a user who confirmed the hack.

It Was Not the First Attack

Ashley Furniture was already compromised in recent years. “Our computers have been infected with a malicious virus and possible hacking. This has caused some issues with our records. We are also experiencing difficulty processing some sales, credit card transactions, financing with Synchrony, & Progressive and AshCom online sales to name a few. “ – wrote Ashley HomeStore Wilmington De on their facebook page in 2016. It seems that DSG cyber security has not improved since the last breach.

Controversy Around DSG

Furthermore, Ashley Furniture is considered a controversial company due to frequent consumer complaints regarding poor product quality and a lack of refunds. On various review platforms, the company often receives one or two-star ratings accompanied by negative comments from customers.

In 2015, a Twitter user wrote, “I hacked the database of Ashley Home Furniture in Madison, WI, and I swear I’ll release names unless you give me a poorly made sectional sofa.” It seems that customers of DSG would not be surprised to learn about a real hack this time, considering the history of compromised security.

Mocking post about hack by twitter user.

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