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LetMeSpy Shuts Down After Hack Exposes User Secrets

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ByEsme Greene

Sep 4, 2023
LetMeSpy Shuts Down After User Data Hack
Esme Greene
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Polish spy software developer, LetMeSpy, is calling it quits after a major cyber breach spilled the beans on over 100,000 users. Effective from August 31, 2023, the app, used by many to snoop on calls, messages, locations, photos, and more, is no more. This shocking halt is a direct fallout of a cyberattack in June, which not only exposed the company’s database but also put user privacy in jeopardy.

Acting swiftly post the attack, the company plugged the security gap and informed affected users. Yet, crafty hackers had already showcased some of the stolen data on an online forum, teasing an offer to spill the rest for a hefty 10 bitcoins.

LetMeSpy, at its core, was a tool for those wanting to keep tabs on their children, partners, or employees. It required users to plant the app on a target device and sign up on the company’s website. Here’s the catch: the phone owners weren’t clued in, a clear snub to their privacy rights. This app, in essence, treaded on a thin line, sparking debates on the morality of secret surveillance versus the promise of security.

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