• Mon. Sep 4th, 2023

Hacker Returns Stolen Crypto to Curve Finance

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ByEsme Greene

Sep 4, 2023
Hacker Returns Stolen Crypto to Curve Finance
Esme Greene

In an unusual twist, a hacker has returned millions in stolen cryptocurrency to its rightful owners, Curve Finance. After negotiations, the hacker agreed to restore the funds in exchange for a reward, ensuring they wouldn’t face legal repercussions.

On August 3, representatives from Alchemix, with the support of experts from the JPEGd protocol and the Metronome pool, made an offer to the hacker: return the stolen funds and receive a reward worth 10% of the total stolen amount. By August 5, the hacker agreed, transferring the assets back to the victims’ wallets.

The hacker returned $11.4 million in stolen Ethereum (ETH) to JPEGd, while Metronome and Alchemix managed to recover assets worth $1.6 million and $61 million, respectively.

In a message sent before returning the funds, the hacker wrote, “I am returning the money not because you can track me down, but because I don’t want to ruin your project.”

Per the agreement, Alchemix, JPEGd, and Metronome won’t file complaints with law enforcement or take action against the hacker. As a result, not only did the hacker earn a reward of $7.4 million, but they also ensured their own safety from legal consequences.