• Wed. Oct 11th, 2023

Police Found 11,520 Tequila Bottles Containing Liquid Meth at a Mexican Port

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Jun 27, 2023
Police seized 11.5K tequila bottles of liquid meth

In a recent discovery at the Manzanillo seaport on Mexico’s Pacific coast, inspectors uncovered 11,520 tequila bottles meant for export that actually contained almost 10 tons of concentrated liquid methamphetamine. The navy revealed on Monday that the bottles held around 8,640 kg (19,000 lbs) of the illicit drug. 

Pictures of the seized bottles depict a police sniffer dog who led officers to cardboard boxes containing glass bottles with brown liquid, which appeared to be “añejo” or aged tequila, based on its color. However, the labels on the bottles were not visible, raising suspicion and prompting a closer inspection.

Mexico’s Problem With Drug Trafficking

As the only authentic tequila producer in the world, Mexico has a reputation to uphold when it comes to the quality and safety of its products. The recent discovery of 11,520 tequila bottles filled with nearly 10 tonnes of concentrated liquid meth at the Pacific coast seaport of Manzanillo is a concerning development. 

While there have been no reported instances of these bottles reaching consumers, the possibility of ingesting the dangerous mixture is a real concern. Unfortunately, Mexico has become a major player in the global methamphetamine trade. 

Drug smugglers often attempt to transport liquid meth across borders by hiding it in unexpected places such as windshield washer fluid or other containers in their vehicles. 

After being intercepted by authorities, the smugglers usually recover the liquid meth and take it to facilities where the water is extracted, leaving behind the crystal form of the drug.

The discovery of the liquid meth in tequila bottles underscores the ingenuity and resourcefulness of drug smugglers, as well as the need for continued vigilance by law enforcement agencies to combat drug trafficking. It also highlights the potential dangers associated with illicit drug use and the importance of preventing such substances from reaching the public.