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£180,000 Uncovered as Vehicle Pulled Over

Jun 14, 2023
£180,000 Uncovered as Vehicle Pulled Over
David Brown

The police reports indicate that on Tuesday, January 17, traffic officers stopped a red Renault Kangoo near the Thelwall Viaduct in Warrington during the afternoon. Upon noticing that the vehicle’s windscreen was damaged, the officers approached the two men inside. After conducting a breath test on the driver, 36-year-old Derek Miller, it was found that he had consumed drugs.

The law enforcement officers then inspected the car and found three vacuum sealed bags containing around 26 kg of cannabis, with its market value anticipated  to be between £104,000 and £18,000. Mark Lindsey, 46, who was riding with Miller, was also detained on allegations of narcotics crimes.

Both Miller and Lindsey, who are residents of Cambusnethan, Wishaw, were charged with being involved in the supply of Class B drugs, and both pleaded guilty. On April 24, Chester Crown Court sentenced Miller to eight months and Lindsey to six months in prison.

The Influence on the Public 

The Manchester Evening News reported that Police Constable Martyn Huyton-Berry of the Northern Area Investigation Team expressed satisfaction with the sentencing of Derek Miller and Mark Lindsey.  He praised the outcome of the investigation, which led to the recovery of more than £100,000 worth of Class B drugs and the subsequent imprisonment of the two men. 

Huyton-Berry emphasized the detrimental effects of illegal drugs on communities and stated that law enforcement officials would continue their efforts to make Cheshire an unwelcoming environment for criminals. He also hopes that the sentence serves as a warning to potential offenders that committing crimes in Cheshire would result in apprehension and justice being served.

This case serves as a reminder of the persistent issue of drug offenses and the strict penalties that come with them. It also showcases the essential role played by traffic officers in detecting and preventing criminal activity on the roads.