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Darknet Unveils Largest Drug Haul in 20 Years

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ByDavid Brown

Jul 5, 2023
Darknet Unveils Largest Drug Haul in 20 Years
David Brown

You would receive a message from a member of this drug cartel via Instagram asking whether you wanted narcotics. In the event that you showed interest, the chat would go to the private messaging app Wickr Me. The substance, usually LSD, would then be imported from Poland or the Netherlands once the payment had been made in crypto.

Darknet Drug Bust: Uncovering the Massive LSD Trade and Arresting Cartel Members

The Narcotics Control Bureau smashed the pan-Indian drug trafficking network in the manner in which it did so today. A total of 15,000 blots of LSD were confiscated, making it the NCB’s biggest narcotics raid in twenty years.

Lysergic acid diethylamide, also known as LSD, is a psychedelic drug made from synthetic chemicals.

Six persons from various Indian cities have been taken into custody, some of them students.

The cartel’s leader was taken into custody in Jaipur. The agency discovered throughout the investigation that the cartel used to advertise on the Dark Web and even contact Instagram followers they believed to be potential customers.

The term “Darknet” refers to the deep hidden internet platform used for the exchange of pornographic material, the sale of illegal narcotics, and other unlawful activities. This platform uses the onion router’s (ToR) secret lanes to avoid law enforcement agencies’ observation.

The six people detained are all technologically proficient and were skilled in using covert websites and secret communications services to avoid detection.

The legal maximum amount of the hallucinogenic substance, 0.1 grams, results in harsh penalties for possession. A representative of the NCB stated that the 15,000 LSD blots found were 2,500 times the amount used commercially.

Nearly 10.50 crores worth of LSD were confiscated by NCB.

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