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Fentanyl Supplier Fent4U Pleaded Guilty

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Jul 11, 2023
Fentanyl Supplier Fent4U Pleaded Guilty

The jury took four hours to deliberate before finding Sean Shaughnessy, 55, guilty of conspiring to take possession with the goal to make available a controlled substance, conspiring to show with the intention to spread a controlled substance analogue, and distributing a controlled substance. This case involved Shaughnessy’s selling of fentanyl and other opioids using the “Fent4U” vendor profile on various Darknet marketplaces. The defendant’s ownership of child pornography was also found guilty by the jury.

Shaughnessy was charged in April 2019 with eleven counts by a jury. According to the accusation, Shaughnessy distributed fentanyl, carfentanil, and analogues of fentanyl through Darknet marketplaces starting in at least August 2017.

Tragic Consequences: Overdose & Fatalities

During the trial, the defendant’s clients testified and said they got extremely strong narcotics. After taking a fentanyl analogue he had bought from Shaughnessy, one of the purchasers reportedly overdosed and passed away.

During the undercover operation that resulted in Shaughnessy’s capture, an undercover agent said in court that Shaughnessy mistakenly wired the investigators more than $120,000 in Bitcoin in order to cash out the revenues of his drug trafficking business. In exchange, the detectives sent money to the home of the accused.

The highest prison term that might be imposed on Shaughnessy is 80 years.