• Mon. Oct 23rd, 2023

How the US Took Down Russian Malware Network That Stole Information From the Government

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Jul 12, 2023
US takes down Russian malware network

The renowned Russian hacker outfit Turla, which is connected to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), employed the “Snake” malware network, which was destroyed by the U.S. government. Prior cyberattacks against the Pentagon, NASA, and US Central Command have been connected to Turla. 

The FSB’s arsenal of computer hacking tools includes Snake, which is said to be the most advanced. Since 2004, the virus has been used to attack NATO member states and other Russian government targets, and it has been found in hundreds of computer systems across at least 50 countries. 

Turla specifically targeted the education, small business, media, administration, financial, manufacturing, and communications sectors in the United States. After collecting confidential papers, Turla used a covert peer-to-peer network of machines infected with Snake to leak the data.

Between Brooklyn and Moscow

By eliminating the Snake spyware network employed by Turla, a hacker organization connected to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), the U.S. government stopped a 20-year Russian cyber espionage effort. 

The highly developed cyber espionage tool was employed to acquire confidential data from the NATO and American governments in addition to sectors including education, small enterprises, media outlets, and crucial infrastructure. 

The FBI created a technology named “Perseus” to detect network activity that the Snake virus attempted to conceal. In order to track the affected machines and create tools to mimic the Turla operators, FBI agents located eight compromised systems in the United States and got remote access with the victim’s permission.

The  almost 20-year-long Russian cyber espionage operation that stole confidential data from the US and NATO governments has been stopped by the FBI. The Turla hacker collective, which has a long history of ties to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), deployed the “Snake” malware network, which was shut down by the FBI using a program called Perseus. 

Hackers deployed the virus to target NATO member states and US industry, and it was found in hundreds of computer systems across at least 50 different nations. The FBI issued a warning about the potential use of other malware or hacking tools but thinks it has permanently stopped the Russian-controlled spyware on compromised PCs.