• Wed. Oct 11th, 2023

Following a Ransomware Outbreak – Recovery of the National Gallery of Canada

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Jul 12, 2023
Canada's National Gallery recovers

The breach was originally identified on April 23 by The National Gallery of Canada, which was founded in 1880 and is presently one of the largest art museums in North America by display area. 

After trying to isolate the impacted networks and employing a cybersecurity firm to undertake a forensic analysis, the gallery then sought to contain the attack. As part of the recovery effort, the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security has also been active.  In a statement, Interim Director & CEO Angela Cassie said, “We have taken this incident very seriously.”

“Our main priorities were the security of the Gallery and the protection of personal or private data.  We recognize how irritating and difficult this occurrence is for our hardworking team, the Foundation, and some of our partners. We’re still committed to moving forward with our quick recovery efforts.

While servers are repaired and access is gradually restored, the Ottawa-based organization has continued to be available to the public. However, many workers continue to work remotely. Although the company insisted that no client information was taken, it did acknowledge that “some operational data has been lost.” No malware gang has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Massive Rise of the Cyber Attacks

A lot of individuals think that since they must remain open, art institutions like the National Gallery of Canada are more inclined to pay ransoms, making them common targets for ransomware gangs anxious to get their hands on consumer information. 

The popular opera theater in New York, the Metropolitan Opera, was assaulted in December, just as the Christmas season inflow began. Each day, the opera house handles around $200,000 in sales. Dozens of the most well-known cultural institutions across numerous nations were impacted by a widespread July 2022 attack on WordFly, a software business that offers digital marketing.

Services for email and text message marketing were impacted by the ransomware assault for institutions including the Smithsonian, the Toronto Symphony,Canada Stage, the Sydney Dance Company in Australia, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Old Vic Theatre in the United Kingdom, and others.