• Wed. Oct 11th, 2023

Food Distribution Business Sysco Issues a Data Breach Warning Following a Hack

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Jul 12, 2023
Sysco warns of data breach after hack

According to a corporate document distributed internally to staff members on May 3 and obtained by BleepingComputer, the problem may have affected personal data belonging to U.S. workers as well as customer and supplier data in the U.S. and Canada.

The safety compromise was also acknowledged by Sysco in a 10-Q quarterly report that the company submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on May 2nd.

According to the firm’s statement, the investigation “found that the threat actor extracted certain company data, including data relating to business operations, customers, employees, and personal data.”

Sysco has started getting ready to meet its duties with regard to the retrieved data while the inquiry is still continuing. The business thinks that a combination of the following personal data submitted to Sysco for payroll reasons, including name, social security number, account numbers, or similar information, was taken from its systems during the hack.

Company`s Statement

Sysco stated: There is no effect on business operations or customer service. According to the 10-Q SEC filing, the event had no effect on the company’s operations, and customer service was not interfered with. Additionally, Sysco assured those impacted that there is no ongoing threat to its network and that extra security measures have been put in place by its security team to defend against a similar intrusion in the future.

With more than 71,000 staff members, Sysco runs 333 distribution facilities throughout the globe and provides support for almost 700,000 client locations, including dining establishments, hospitals, and educational institutions. For the fiscal year 2022, which concluded on July 2, 2022, Sysco earned nearly $68 billion in revenue, according to its web page.  When approached by BleepingComputer earlier today, a Sysco official was unavailable for comment.