• Wed. Oct 11th, 2023

The Two Captured for Trafficking MDMA

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Jul 11, 2023
The Two Captured for Trafficking MDMA

Danish Shaikh and Samad Umatiya were detained by Mumbai Customs’ SIIB when an inbound MDMA shipment that had been transported from the Netherlands was intercepted and seized.

Seizure of MDMA and Arrests

When SIIB officials learned of a suspicious shipment arriving, the investigations were started. When the police opened the box, they reportedly discovered 245 MDMA pills, each weighing around 120 grams, as well as more than 100 grams of a material thought to be MDMA.

On June 8, 2023, the cops performed a controlled delivery of a fake parcel while seizing the narcotics. Shortly after Shaikh acknowledged receiving the item, the police detained him. After making a comparable delivery, Umatiya was detained.

When questioned, Umatiya admitted to the authorities that he had successfully bought and imported two narcotic shipments prior to his detention. He also said that he had bought 400 grams of MDMA from a Dutch source and was waiting for the shipment of the drug shipment. On June 12, the cops stopped the box and took 1010 MDMA tablets.

The pair was brought before a judge and imprisoned awaiting more inquiries.

The two were detained when the Narcotics Control Bureau of India detained six suspects after discovering 15,000 LSD stamps, the country’s greatest LSD find.

Expansion of Investigation and Dark Web Connections

The suspects operate a Dark Web drug trafficking business. The medications came from the US, Poland, and the Netherlands for import. After the suspects were apprehended, 2.5 kilos of cannabis were also found in addition to the LSD stamps.