• Tue. Oct 10th, 2023

2 US Instagram IInfluencers Were Arrested in Alabama After Being Caught With $3M Worth of Cocaine Hidden in Their SUV

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Jul 12, 2023
Alabama arrests Instagram influencers with cocaine

Ms. Dufour is a fitness model and the owner of a clothing brand called Sexy Sweats, with 11,000 followers on Instagram. The women claimed to have met in Miami and were on a road trip to Houston for a house party when they were pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy in Mobile County, Alabama. 

What Was Found in the Car

A K-9 unit alerted officers to the possible presence of drugs, and a subsequent search revealed 216 pounds of cocaine packed in 84 bundles hidden under the floorboards of their vehicle.

”A steel aftermarket compartment was installed in the vehicle’s back seat. The floor of the SUV has also been lowered and welded back together to provide room for storage. According to local media site Lagniappe, the second compartment was discovered in the back of the SUV, where the side panels had been hollowed out.

The Sentence

The women were apprehended by the MCSO and the US Border Patrol. Both are now facing a minimum of ten years in prison on federal narcotics trafficking accusations.

The incident comes after a lady was caught in South Carolina for attempting to transport illicit substances while wearing a phony rubber belly.  

South Carolina deputies say they nabbed a pregnant woman after three pounds of cocaine dropped from a rubber belly that the suspect had tied to herself.