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Brits Arrested in Albania Drug Raid

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ByDavid Brown

Jul 22, 2023
Brits Arrested in Albania Drug Raid
David Brown

Albanian police seized 50 batches of cocaine, along with ecstasy and cannabis, in a hotel room at a resort in Dhermi after receiving a tip. Four people from the United Kingdom who were involved in drug-related activity were detained as a result of the operation.

UK Men Accused of Traveling to Albania for Drug Sales

Charges against four individuals include their alleged 1,500-mile journey to Albania with the purpose of trafficking cocaine. Drug traffickers operating on UK streets have been shown to be more prevalent in Albania.

In the event that Stephen Richards, 27, and Richard Deacon, 32, are found guilty of their suspected drug-related charges, they might each get a maximum jail term of 20 years.

Gustav Schoeman and Reece Banks, two more people, were taken into custody in relation to the incident. The particular accusations leveled against them remain unpublicized.

At the Kala dance music event in Dhermi, cocaine, ecstasy, and cannabis were allegedly being sold by Londoners and Birminghamers, Richard Deacon and Stephen Richards, respectively.

Raid Uncovers Drugs, Cash, & Equipment

50 quantities of cocaine, ecstasy, and cannabis were found in a hotel room when the police raided it based on the tip. Three cell phones, two electronic scales, and £15,000 in cash were also taken.

The authorities detained Reece Banks and Gustav Schoeman at the same resort. GHB, a substance used in date rape, was found in 37 dosages during the arrest.

The allegations against London residents Stephen Richards and Richard Deacon stemming from the narcotics bust in Albania are set to be heard in court the following week.


The detention of these four British citizens serves as a reminder of how transnational drug trafficking is and of the continual efforts made by law enforcement to thwart it. A strong message is being sent to those engaged in drug trafficking by this successful operation, serving as a reminder of the value of international collaboration in combating drug-related crimes.

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