• Sat. Aug 19th, 2023

Multi-Region Drug Store Creator Detained

Aug 5, 2023
Multi-Region Drug Store Creator Detained
David Brown

A major drug store operating in 21 regions of Russia was shut down by law enforcement in St. Petersburg. The Telegram publication Baza reported on this development.

Multiple Arrests and Hidden Drug Stashes Uncovered in Illicit Store Operation

During the operation, authorities apprehended multiple individuals involved in the illicit store, including the 58-year-old mastermind, the accountant, the online Darknet store administrator, the bookkeeper, the courier, and the owners of marijuana plantations. Law enforcement also discovered 738 hidden drug stashes in the Leningrad region based on the seized coordinates.

Investigations revealed that the criminal enterprise’s organizers had been selling drugs across various regions, including Crimea and the Khabarovsk region, since 2020.

Notably, the authorities found that the most successful employees of the operation were driving luxury cars, such as Porsche and Lexus. The detainees are now facing criminal charges.

Russian law enforcement authorities have been actively battling the growth of the illegal drug trade in recent years, carrying out operations to break up extensive drug networks and capture those responsible. These initiatives attempt to safeguard public security and counteract the negative impacts of drug trafficking on society.