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Boston Man: 10-Year Sentence for Cocaine Deal

Aug 14, 2023
Boston Man: 10-Year Sentence for Cocaine Deal
David Brown

Following a cocaine deal in East Boston, Massachusetts, a Boston man was given a ten-year jail sentence. A high-powered shotgun and extra kilos of heroin were found during the search.

Carlos Acosta Estrella, a Boston resident, received a 10-year prison sentence and an additional eight years of supervised release for his role in drug trafficking. He acknowledged having heroin and cocaine with the intent to distribute them, as well as a revolver, in his possession while carrying out drug trafficking.

Boston Mother-Son Duo: Cocaine Dealing and Rifle Seizure

After being captured on camera selling two kilograms of cocaine in East Boston, Estrella and his mother, Ana Guadalupe Acosta Grajeda, were both taken into custody. Following a search of their flat, further narcotics, including over one kilogram of heroin, as well as a powerful rifle with a laser sight were found.

Prior to being condemned and deported to Mexico, Grajeda, who had also admitted to possessing drugs, received a sentence.

Christopher Pohl, an assistant US attorney, prosecuted the case as a part of the OCDETF operation. The OCDETF focuses on locating and taking down high-level criminal groups engaged in drug-related crimes.

If you’re willing to get some additional info about the OCDETF Program, you can visit the program’s official website – https://www.justice.gov/OCDETF.