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Alleged Cocaine Smuggling Operation Uncovered: Greek Nationals Arrested in Port Botany Container Bust

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ByDavid Brown

Aug 15, 2023
Greek Nationals Arrested in Cocaine Bust
David Brown

The people are suspected to be members of an onshore crew engaged in a “rip on, rip off” narcotics trafficking operation that took a surprise turn, according to the police. They are from Athens and are unable to converse in English.

Authorities were made aware of a break-in at a logistics firm close to Port Botany, Sydney’s main dock operation. Officers who responded to the scene found a shipping container’s walls to contain 120 one-kilogram blocks of cocaine.

A suspect, aged 19, managed to elude capture while a 27-year-old male was detained at the container holding yard. Specialized law enforcement organizations took charge of the investigation under the direction of Strike Force Biles, and with the help of the Australian Border Force, they were able to effectively find the illegal substances.

The street value of the cocaine that was found hidden within the container is believed to be over $60 million.

Port Botany Cocaine Bust: Greek Nationals Taken Into Custody in ‘Rip on, Rip off’ Case

To attack massive drug supply organizations using the “rip on, rip off” strategy, Strike Force Biles was created. This technique entails drug traffickers hiding drug shipments within shipping containers used by unwary legitimate businesses.

According to Detective Acting Superintendent Matthew Kennedy, the police are now looking into claims that Greek nationals have ties to Sydney’s underworld and criminal organizations. He mentioned that the suspects had just lately entered the nation.

Kennedy claims that criminal organizations often divide up their operations to protect syndicate leadership and reduce dangers. They are always trying to put themselves above unlawful activity.

Detectives in the Balmain and Leichhardt regions carried out search warrants at three residences as part of the investigation. Crowbars, breaking tools, gloves, and bags were among the things that were found as a result of these searches.

Kennedy, a detective superintendent, highlighted that organized crime will suffer the repercussions for using the “rip on, rip off” strategy. The goal of law enforcement authorities is still to apprehend those who engage in such activities, seize their narcotics, and stifle their activities.

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