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Unsettling Messages Reveal a Gang Boasting of Bringing in £1 Million Worth of Narcotics to a Coastal Resort

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ByDavid Brown

Aug 16, 2023
Gang Boasts £1 Million Narcotics at Coastal Resor
David Brown

Through damaging text conversations, Lee Moore, Charles Dodkins, Daniel Snowdon, and William Brown were discovered bragging about bringing in £1 million worth of cocaine and marijuana into the UK. During a police raid, Dodkins’ residence included narcotics as well as a pistol, two self-loading semi-automatic firearms, an imitation gun, and a silencer. 

From Redcar, North Yorkshire, where they mostly managed their drug business, the gang made substantial profits. Discussions between the gang members about getting guns and the challenges of importing them were disclosed in their messages. Brown lamented the lengthy wait for medications shipped from outside and revealed his intention to travel back to Spain after the procedure. Dodkins was challenged by Moore over a payment inconsistency.

On a 30 by 30 meter plot of land, Moore, Brown, and Snowdon planned to plant a 20 kilogram harvest of cannabis that would, according to them, produce “90-120k.” Pistols were referred to as “scorpions” in the group chat, and shotguns were called “gotties.”

The usage of the weapons was not supported by any evidence.

What Was Discovered

During the search on August 9, 2021, at Dodkins’ residence, police discovered a total of $12,300 in cocaine concealed in a range hood. 

  • In a zip-lock bag, a Rolex watch worth £10,500 and $18,000 in cash were found
  • A notepad with the names and numbers of drug transactions totaling £1 million that had been made. It was placed inside a bean bag.
  • Sealed cannabis packets
  • A replica handgun, two silenced, self-loading semi-automatic handguns, and a deactivated handgun
  • In a neighbor’s garden, live and blank rounds that didn’t match the rifles were discovered

The Sentence

A search of Lee Moore’s Redcar residence turned up cocaine valued at £5,000 there. The final member of the group to be apprehended was Glasgow resident William Brown. Dodkins, Moore, Snowdon, and Brown received hefty terms for drug trafficking and gun violations, totaling more than 60 years in prison. 

The impact on the men’s children was noted by the judge, and before they can be released, they must complete up to two-thirds of their terms. Dodkins stressed his two girls and hairdressing ambitions while claiming self-defense and a brief ownership of the guns. While Moore expressed thanks for his imprisonment sparing his life, Snowdon’s involvement was related to a personal drug addiction. The allegations of drug access made by Brown were disproved.

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