• Fri. Aug 18th, 2023

Cops Catch Gangsters: Stella & Ham Clues

Aug 18, 2023
Cops Catch Gangsters: Stella & Ham Clues
David Brown

A ham sandwich and a can of Stella Artois lager made an incongruous pair, revealing a group of narcotics traffickers. Unknowingly sharing pictures of the suspicious objects on their encrypted mobile phones were Richard Wylie, 36, and Richard Whiteside, 55. Police were able to locate them at Whiteside’s residence in Blackpool, Lancashire, because of the background in the pictures.

Operation Venetic: Unraveling Criminal Networks

The discovery was made as a result of Operation Venetic, which focused on catching criminals utilizing the secure EncroChat network. In 2020, the servers for Encrochat were destroyed, giving the authorities access to user information and movements. The names “Somesnail” and “Peppershirt,” which are associated with criminal activity, were used to identify Wylie and Whiteside.

Wylie, a resident of Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire, admitted guilt and was given a six-year jail term after agreeing to transfer and hide illegal property, provide Class A narcotics, and conspiracy to distribute cocaine. For having and hiding illicit goods, Blackpool resident Whiteside received a four-year sentence.

The 40-year-old Daniel Hindley and the 37-year-old Jamie Finney are still being sought by Lancashire Police despite the conviction being secured; they are presently thought to be abroad.

Indicating the willingness to fight severe and organized crime, Detective Chief Inspector James Edmonds stressed that the operation sends a strong message to criminals operating in Lancashire. Operation Venetic is still working with national organizations and other regional forces to make sure that there are no safe havens for criminal businesses, especially those that support violence and exploitation through the trafficking of illicit drugs.

The outcome of this operation shows that criminals can no longer act with impunity and that they were greatly mistaken in their assessment of law enforcement’s persistence. The police are dedicated to keeping communities safer and free of major crime by utilizing cutting-edge technology and creative approaches.