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Busted: Indian LSD Dealer “ZambadaCartel”

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ByDavid Brown

Aug 30, 2023
Busted: Indian LSD Dealer "ZambadaCartel"
David Brown

According to media sources, the NCB discovered ZambadaCartel to be the biggest supplier of LSD in India when looking into LSD merchants on the dark web. The detectives were able to confirm that the seller operated out of Delhi thanks to an operation that was started on April 19, 2023. Two people who were thought to be employed by the vendor were located as a result of additional investigations.

The Investigation

The two suspects were kept under observation, and it is said that they helped the detectives find the owner of the ZambadaCartel vendor account. At locations connected to the trio, the investigators carried out search warrant executions. 13,863 LSD blots, 428 grams of MDMA, and about $32,300 in cash were found during the searches.

The detectives discovered that ZambadaCartel had resold LSD bolts obtained from other well-known darknet dealers like “Dr Seuss.” In response to the bust, Dr. Seuss declared that he will take down all listings that ship to India in a message that was placed on Dread.

The NCB’s campaign against dark web LSD vendors has resulted in the bust of two suppliers, the second being ZambadaCartel. 

Early in June, the first vendor was discovered. During the bust, the NCB detained six individuals, confiscated 2.5 kilograms of marijuana, and about 15,000 LSD blots.

The NCB additionally revealed that it is looking into a third LSD distributor as part of the current operation.

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