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Top Encrypted Messengers, Part One

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ByWilliam Wilson

Jun 13, 2023
Top Encrypted Messengers, Part One
William Wilson
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What is Encryption?

Encryption is the process of converting the data into a code that only can be decrypted by the intended receiver. That means that if you send a message, only you and the recipient will be able to read it. To anyone attempting to breach the connection, the data will be seen as useless numbers and symbols.

To anyone who prioritizes privacy, message encryption is essential. Since not many messengers provide this feature, third parties can gain access to personal information. Encrypted messengers safeguard all the data that is being sent.


Signal has been on the market since 2014 and managed to gain a solid reputation since then. Users can get access to such features as group chats, media services, video calls,  private stickers, and self-destructing messages. As the company says, your confidentiality is the goal. No one can get access to your data thanks to the highly advanced end-to-end encryption systems. The app is completely ad-free and available for everyone to use.

The platform is compatible with Android, iOS, iPasOS, Linux, Windows, and macOS systems.


Telegram is one of the most popular encrypted messengers in the world. The geography of the clients is diverse, which shows how many people trust this platform. The research says that over 200 million people prefer telegram to communicate online. There are such features as private chats, channels, video calls, self-destructing and scheduled messages. The platform uses 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange, which is an extremely strong combination, which makes hacking impossible, at least now. The supported systems include IOS, Android, maxOS, Linux, and Windows.

Wickr Me

Wick Me is considered one of the most private messengers as it does not require any time of information such as phone number or email for registration. All interactions including video calls, voice messages, and group chats are encrypted by 256 bit end-to-end protocol. The platform offers self-destructing messages, APIs to integrate with in-house apps, media support, and retention up to 30 days. The software is also known for using Perfect Forward Secrecy and Two-Factor Authentication, making it nearly impossible to breach. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows.


Threema is not as globally known as previous messengers, but it is commonly used in Europe. The software encrypts data with asymmetric cryptography and allows users to log in anonymously using just an ID key. The developer advertises the app as the perfect communication tool for both business and personal use and offers such features as voice messages, group chats, group video calls, and any type of media support. The software is compatible with such systems as Android, IOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows and is absolutely free to download.


Viber is what many associate with hearing the word messenger. The platform is used by over 1 billion people and usually put on the top of the communication apps rating.

All the services such as voice messages, texts, video calls, chats, and media attachment are encrypted using an end-to-end method, so users don’t have to worry about third parties accessing their data. Moreover, the developer offers a unique encryption account status feature. Depending on the reliability of the contact, the color of the chat varies from green to gray and red. The supported systems of the Viber include Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and IOS.


Wire is just like all encrypted messengers, protects all the user data with end-to-end encryption that prohibits anyone besides the sender and the receiver from getting access to the materials such as texts, voice messages, video calls, media, etc. The software is great for business as it allows safe and convenient video conferences. Users can access the app fast using PC or a mobile platform. In addition, the messenger uses the new key with each message that`s being sent. The platform is available on IOS, Android, macOS, and Linux.

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