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​​Top Encrypted Messengers, Part Two

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ByWilliam Wilson

Apr 20, 2023
William Wilson
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Why are Encrypted Messengers important?

When a user accesses the messenger that is not protected by an encryption protocol, they fully rely on the insecure connection hoping no one is interested in stealing their data. However, cyber attacks happen more frequently than many think. You might not even realize that your personal information has been stolen and is actively used against you until it’s too late.

Using encrypted messengers saves you” from unnecessary problems such as crucial financial losses, fraud, and blackmail. Below you can find the best protected platforms which ensure the secure connection. In addition, most of them are absolutely free of cost.


Dust, formerly Cyber Dust, is packed with the highly advanced encryption tools, such as

AES-128 and RSA-2048 algorithms to protect the media and messages. Moreover, the data is not going to the permanent storage immediately as it stays in RAM for as long as possible for security reasons. The software notifies a user if someone made a screenshot of a conversation. In addition, the messages can be set to self-destruct mode, so they’ll disappear within 24 hours after being read. Its main features include a sign language option, media sharing, voice messaging, and exclusive emojis. The app is compatible with IOS, and Android.


CoverMe is a messenger that uses military grade encryption methods to encrypt such private data as messages, media, call logs, contacts, and more. What’s interesting about this platform is that it offers disposable phone numbers for chatting and calling, making it perfect for business purposes. There is also a safe vault that protects the documents and other media from being viewed by unwanted guests. Self-destructing messages surely add a noticeable security. CoverMe is accessible from such systems as Android and IOS.


Silence, or previously called “SMS Secure” is considered one of the most secure messengers on the market. It is constantly supervised by experts who ensure that the data is encrypted with the latest advanced technology blocking any third party who is interested to get access to the personal information. The main advantage is that no internet connection is required in order to use the platform. Moreover, users don’t have to share any information while registering and it’s prohibited to screenshot the conversations. The messenger basically operates just like an SMS/MMS application. The suitable systems include the IOS, and Android.


Ricochet is an instant messenger for PC, which utilizes the hidden services of a private Tor browser to maintain absolute anonymity for the users. Such a way prevents the cyber attackers from targeting the location of the victim. No one, including the developers, knows to whom a message is sent to and where it’s from. All the data is end-to-end encrypted, which gives a full freedom for communication. While the messenger’s functionality is not extensive, it is sufficient for most users. Ricochet can be utilized from desktop only, so it’s accessible from Linux, Windows, and macOS.


Element is a pretty popular platform for private and secure communication, which allows users to create a chat or log in into an existing room. End-to-end encryption makes every discussion highly confidential. Additionally, users can set an additional safety such as PIN or biometrics. The software utilizes a decentralized network, which means that you can select a preferable storage of the data. Element is optimal for the companies as there are lots of features such as group chats, document attachments, and so on. Both Android and IOS are suitable for the messenger.

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