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Huge Drug Bust: Moroccan Authorities Seize 5.4 Tonnes

Jun 14, 2023
Huge Drug Bust: Moroccan Authorities Seize 5.4 Tonnes
David Brown

Security authorities reported that 60 kg of cocaine was found concealed within frozen tuna, while Moroccan police also found 5.4 tonnes of cannabis resin hidden in a vehicle bound for Spain.

The cannabis resin was found “on board an international cargo truck” at Tangier’s northern port, according to a statement made late Saturday, April 22nd by security and customs officials.

The truck’s chassis and other particularly shaped cavities were among those into which the resin blocks were pushed into plates and slotted. The Moroccan driver, 45, was put under custody.

Just about 60 kg of cocaine were found inside a chilled container on Thursday in an additional execution, also in Tangier.

Under the guise of being from Ecuador and headed for Spain, the cocaine was packaged in tuna.

According to the United Nations, Morocco is the world’s top producer of cannabis resin; last year, authorities confiscated about 100 tonnes from the country.

Due to South American gangs exploiting the country of North Africa as a transit point for importing cocaine into Europe, police have also recently made many sizable cocaine seizures.