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Two Austrians Bought Ecstasy on the Dark Web

Jun 23, 2023
Two Austrians Bought Ecstasy on the Dark Web
David Brown
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The main customs office in Landshut, Bavaria, has announced the apprehension of suspects following investigations that were triggered by the interception of drug packages that were addressed to them. This discovery led the authorities to carry out further investigations that culminated in the arrest of the suspects. 

What is Ecstasy?

Ecstasy is a drug that is prohibited in almost every country across the globe. It has severe side effects as well as a lethal outcome if overdosed. Law enforcement agents around the world put all the effort into catching ecstasy dealers. Unfortunately, most of the purchases happen online on the dark web, which significantly complicates the process of catching the criminal. 

The Investigation

Two individuals suspected of drug trafficking were apprehended in Austria as a result of a joint cross-border operation between German and Austrian authorities. According to a press release from the main customs office in Landshut, Bavaria, the investigation was triggered by the interception of several suspicious packages in Munich in July 2022. 

The packages were addressed to a recipient in Austria and contained a total of 209 ecstasy pills and 10.3 grams of amphetamine. Following this discovery, German authorities continued to monitor packages being sent to the same recipient in Austria. In November, they intercepted five more packages, which were also deemed suspicious. Upon opening them, officers found a total of 254 ecstasy tablets.

German law enforcement officers then shared the information with their counterparts in the Lower Austrian State Criminal Police Office, leading to a joint cross-border operation. The Austrian investigators were able to identify and apprehend two suspects believed to be involved in the drug trafficking operation.

Further investigations by Austrian authorities revealed that the suspects had been purchasing drugs on the dark web and having them delivered to a fake mailbox. The investigators also alleged that the duo had been reselling the imported drugs for profit.

This case highlights the importance of international cooperation in tackling illegal activities on the dark web, where criminals often operate with anonymity. The interception of suspicious packages and coordination between law enforcement agencies can help to disrupt illegal drug trade networks and bring those responsible to justice.