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American Rock Musician Travis Leake Arrested in Russia on Drug Charges

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ByDavid Brown

Jun 29, 2023
Musician Travis Leake arrested in Russia for drugs
David Brown

Travis Leake, an American citizen, was detained in Russia, according to the US State Department. Leake made his appearance in court and will be detained until August 6, 2023. The State Department stresses the importance of ensuring the safety and security of American citizens while they are traveling, and it will offer any required consular assistance.

Glenda Garcia, Leake’s mother, expresses worry for her son’s circumstance and claims that she has not heard from US authorities. She’s going to ask the State Department for details. Garcia knows her son was active in a band and teaching English when she last spoke with him on Mother’s Day.

Leake’s denial of guilt is seen in video footage and a mug photo that was made public by Russian media. In the midst of the crisis in Ukraine and amid tense US-Russian ties, he is arrested. Leake was a guest on a CNN program of Parts Unknown in 2014 when she spoke about censorship and political corruption. He had been outspoken about governmental repression and speech rights in Russia.

Leake was a showman who adored Russia, according to Darya Tarasova, who produced the program. He had written songs and edited lyrics in conjunction with Moscow rock bands. Even after the war began, Leake stayed in Russia despite worries about his safety.

Leake is identified as the lead singer of the band Lovi Noch (“Catch the Night”) in videos that have been confirmed by CNN and on social media.

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David Brown

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