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High-Flying Scandal: Cocaine Bust Exposes Collusion Between Bolivian Government and Drug Traffickers

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ByDavid Brown

Jun 30, 2023
Cocaine Bust Reveals Government Collusion
David Brown

Drug Trafficking Scandal Exposes Collusion within Bolivian Institutions

The presence of 484 kg of cocaine on an aircraft at Barajas Airport serves as evidence of drug trafficking infiltrating Bolivian institutions. Collaboratively, the police, customs, airports, and the state-owned airline facilitated the transportation and concealment of the cocaine shipment to Madrid on February 12. The government has openly acknowledged this disturbing reality, indicating their involvement in supporting a significant drug trafficking network with ties to Bolivia and Spain.

In response to mounting criticism, the ministers responsible for the relevant ministries directly addressed the media. Former presidents Evo Morales and Carlos Mesa accused the current administration of actively promoting drug trafficking. In light of these concerns, President Arce took immediate action by initiating a thorough investigation, suspending several authorities, and implementing the rotation of airport police officers to ensure accountability and transparency in the process.

BoA cargo employees were seen altering the package and deleting evidence to impede the investigation on security camera footage from the airport. The clothing covered the drug canisters, and the imbalance in weight was ignored. All of the cargo handlers and the owners of the courier company in charge of the shipment were detained because they had a history of trafficking drugs.

The drugs were discovered by the Spanish authorities during an operation, which prompted a request for information from the Bolivian police. The security images provided, though, were worthless, and later video was destroyed on purpose. The airport police did nothing since they were unaware of the drug smuggling going on.

The evidence points to a criminal organization reportedly run in Bolivia and Spain by a drug lord known only by the alias “Colla” from Bolivia. Within Bolivian institutions, there are rumors of more related actions being planned by the same network. As the investigation develops, further arrests are anticipated.

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