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Constellation Software Cyber Attack Is Attributable to the ALPHV Ransomware Gang 

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ByDavid Brown

Jul 3, 2023
ALPHV Gang Targets Constellation Software
David Brown

For the cyberattack against Constellation Software, the ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware organization has taken responsibility. The Canadian software firm and the US healthcare provider Essen Medical Associates were both victims, according to the most recent post on the ransomware gang’s breach website.

As can be seen in the snapshot given below, on May 4, Essen Medical Associates and the Constellation Software cyberattacks were both claimed. The ransomware group’s leak site post included the total amount of attachments ALPHV/BlackCat gathered from the two data breaches.

While 25 attachments were compromised during the Constellation Software intrusion, 24 attachments were taken after the Essen Medical Associates cyberattack.

Official Statement From the Company

A small number of Constellation Software’s IT systems, especially its internal financial reporting and data storage, were affected by a cyber event on April 3 that was acknowledged by the company. 

Yet, Constellation’s operational groups and enterprises’ autonomous IT systems were unaffected. The cyber assault had no significant effects on the business’s operations, and a forensic assessment found that it had been completely stopped. 

Although just a small portion of people’s personal information and business partners’ data were touched, the corporation is currently getting in touch with those who were. It’s important to note that the business hasn’t called this a ransomware attack.

How the Breach Affected Data

Personal information about people and business partners was made public as a result of the Constellation Software data breach and the hack on Essen Healthcare. Even a patient’s cardiograph was exposed as evidence of the purported intrusion. The ALPHV ransomware gang also mentioned 20 students from elementary and high schools who were affiliated with Constellation Software. 

Given how attackers can gain access to the data of several users by hacking a service provider’s system, this emphasizes the significant effects of third-party cyber attacks on connected enterprises. In this instance, regardless of how effectively the customers secure their own systems, the vendor’s system breach allows hackers to access the data of their clients. 

Targeting businesses all throughout the world, the ALPHV ransomware gang has been utilizing triple-extortion tactics to take valuable data, encrypt it, and then demand money while threatening to release it. Additionally, they threaten to launch a DDoS attack if their demands are not granted.

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