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Following raids, drug houses were closed for three months

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ByDavid Brown

Jul 9, 2023
Drug houses closed for three months following raids
David Brown

Officers targeted the locations after receiving reports about anti-social behavior and drug dealing at the Coventry locations. The West Midlands Police reported that hundreds of cannabis plants had been discovered at two homes on Longford Road.

The Raid

According to the police, a location on Lockhurst Lane had served as a base for the distribution of Class A drugs. They called the homes on Longford Road “significant cannabis factories” since every room was crammed with plants.

Additionally, each had electrical bypasses that were utilized to steal the energy required to develop the plants and created a significant fire danger, according to the investigators.

At the Lockhurst Lane address, a sizable quantity of Class A drugs were discovered.

The Measures Taken

At Coventry Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, closure orders for three months were secured for all three locations. The closure orders demonstrate the commitment of the West Midlands Police to tackle drug-related crimes and protect the community from the negative consequences associated with such activities. 

By shutting down these cannabis factories and the distribution base, the police have taken a significant step towards maintaining public safety and combating the illegal drug trade in the area.

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