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3 Indian Men Receive a 15-year Sentence for Smuggling Drugs into the UK

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Jul 13, 2023
Indian men sentenced for drug smuggling

A UK prosecution has convicted three  criminals of Indian descent who were found responsible for bringing narcotics into the UK from Canada to a total of nearly 15 years in jail.

When UK Border Force officers found two pallet loads or large boxes of cannabis concealed inside a shipment of computer casing at Heathrow Airport in February, they were joined by accomplices Gregory Blacklock, 32, and Kuran Gill, 32, Jag Singh, 32, and Govind Bahia, 30, who were all members of an organized crime group. All four were apprehended.

According to the Kent Police, all four were convicted last month at Woolwich Crown Court in south London.

The Investigation

Detective Constable Steve Brown of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate expressed satisfaction over the success of the investigation that led to the arrest and prosecution of several offenders involved in the importation of cannabis using the EncroChat mobile phone platform. The intercepted drugs were valued at around £1 million and had been flown in from Canada, destined for a business address in Dartford, Kent. 

The perpetrators, who were part of an organized crime group, were apprehended after detectives traced the shipment to the EncroChat network, which was compromised by law enforcement agencies in 2020. DC Brown warned that the EncroChat platform, which criminals believed to be secure, had resulted in the capture and prosecution of several offenders.

Kuran Gill orchestrated the import and distribution of cannabis, as well as the sale of one kilogram of cocaine. He was arrested in April 2021 and £105,000 was seized from his home. Gill admitted to conspiracy to import a Class B drug, conspiracy to supply cocaine, and possession of criminal property. He was sentenced to seven years in prison. 

Jag Singh, known as “Real Crocodile” on the EncroChat platform, also played a role in importing and distributing cannabis. He exchanged messages with Gill about the drugs, including routes, concealment methods, and prices. Singh pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import a Class B drug and was sentenced to four years and nine months in prison. 

Govind Bahia provided Gill with advice on the type and amount of cannabis to purchase. He admitted to conspiracy to import a Class B drug and was sentenced to three years in prison.