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Cocaine Salesman Busted After Posting An Employment for Someone Who Is “Noa a Grass”

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Jul 14, 2023
Cocaine salesman busted after posting ad

Police stumbled onto a drug supplier while assisting municipal trade standards inspectors in their investigation of a dog breeding operation.

The Investigation

Following law enforcement obtaining possession of Andrew Bradnum’s phone and discovering conversations regarding purchasing, shipping, and dropping off cocaine, Bradnum was found guilty of drug trafficking. They also came across a social media posting he made searching for a “grafter” to act as a narcotics courier. 

During a council inquiry into Bradnum’s dog breeding company, police were able to access the phone despite Bradnum’s refusal to provide the PIN. On the phone, one message suggested trading cocaine for oral sex.

Investigators uncovered messages regarding drug purchasing and selling, as well as one about trading cocaine for oral sex, after they discovered that Andrew Bradnum, 28, had posted on Instagram searching for someone to act as a drug runner. 

Authorities discovered weighing scales, £960 in cash, and a second phone, which Bradnum refused to give them the PIN for, while searching his property. In addition to his six prior convictions for drug-related charges and possession of criminal assets, he pled guilty to distributing cocaine and possession of criminal property.

The Sentence

For his involvement in the sale of cocaine and possession of illegal goods, Andrew Bradnum, of Lark Place, Penlan, Swansea, received a 43-month jail term. Bradnum had held a number of jobs before the COVID-19 epidemic, which led to him turning to drug peddling to support his habit after his father passed away, according to testimony given in court. 

Despite posting a job listing for a runner on Instagram, according to his attorney, there is no proof that he actually had someone working for him. Bradnum had already been found guilty of eleven counts, including marijuana manufacturing and possession of stolen goods. Before being granted a license, he will serve up to half of his 43-month term in jail.