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Peterborough County OPP Reports – Two People Were Detained at the Curve Lake First Nation, Cocaine Found

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ByDavid Brown

Jul 19, 2023
Peterborough County OPP reports cocaine found
David Brown

Officers stopped a car on Highway 7 as part of the investigation and discovered a sizable amount of cocaine and cash inside. Two people were then arrested as a result of this.

What Was Found in the Vehicle

Additional cocaine, smartphones, and a computer were found after the initial raid when a search warrant was carried out at a home near Curve Lake. 

The two defendants, 42 and 43 years old, were each accused with possessing a Schedule 1 drug with the intent to traffic in it as well as having the profits of crime property under $5,000 in their hands.

According to information provided by the OPP on Thursday, the accused were freed and will make their court appearance in Peterborough on June 13. The collaborative investigation serves as evidence of law enforcement’s continuous efforts to thwart the illegal drug trade and associated criminal activity.

Drug law enforcement and drug policy are complicated and multidimensional issues. The authorities have been putting all the focus towards this problem for a long time.

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David Brown

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