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The “Largest in Value” Drugs Ever Seized Were Found in the Indian Ocean and Are Worth $25,000,000

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ByDavid Brown

Jul 24, 2023
"Largest Value" Drugs Seized Worth $25,000,000
David Brown

The Officials Statement 

Kochi city: According to NCB authorities, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and Indian Navy on Saturday conducted a special operation in the Indian seas and confiscated narcotics valued at 25,000 crores. 2,525 kg of high-purity methamphetamine have been determined to have been found. The narcotics were found in 134 bags, each containing packets weighing one pound, and the counting process took 23 hours.

One alleged citizen of Pakistan has been detained and will show up in court this evening. The procedure, which took place in the Indian Ocean, is the most expensive. The source of the narcotics is Pakistan, and they came via Iran’s Chabahar port. It was destined for India, the Maldives, and Sri Lanka.

The Goals of Operation Samudragupta

Beginning in February 2022, Operation Samudragupta led to the confiscation of almost 4,000 kilograms of different substances. 529 kilograms of hashish, 221 kg of methamphetamine, and 13 kg of heroin, all coming from Balochistan and Afghanistan, were discovered during the first successful operation. The effort was designed to stop Afghan-based marine narcotics trafficking.

Operation Samudragupta was started by the NCB Director General to address the threat that marine drug trafficking poses to national security in the Indian Ocean area. The goal of the operation was to acquire useful intelligence to allow for the interception of drug-laden ships. Its effectiveness was largely due to cooperation with other law enforcement and intelligence groups.

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