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A UK Man Convicted of Dark Web Cocaine Trafficking Sentenced For 2 Years

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ByDavid Brown

Jul 24, 2023
UK Man Convicted of Dark Web Cocaine Trafficking
David Brown

Wayne Withers, 47, was sentenced as a consequence of evidence the FBI shared with the North West Regional Organized Crime Unit in early 2021. The data, which was gathered after AlphaBay was taken over in 2017, revealed that Withers had bought four grams of cocaine from a Brazilian seller on the now-defunct platform.

The Sentence

The prosecution told the court that information obtained by the FBI revealed that, in May 2017, Withers contacted a seller using the login “Machismo” and inquired about the cost of a kilo of cocaine. Withers used the alias “Seasiders” to accomplish this. He made the decision to place a test order of 4 grams after learning that it sold for $22,000. 

He got in touch with the vendor on May 25 and told him he had indeed gotten the coke. He assured the merchant that he could transport 10 kg and that, if everything went well, he would order a kilo in a week and progressively raise the order quantity. On June 5, he placed a kg of food with the seller. 

The vendor got in touch with him on June 20 to inform him that the drug box had been seized and to make plans to deliver a replacement disguised as a gift. The vendor acknowledged that the box had also been seized on June 30 and promised to use “a new stealth method” in the subsequent shipment.

He got in touch with the supplier on July 2 and ordered them to send the medication shipment under an assumed name to the tanning salon’s location. Additionally, he requested a tracking number from the vendor for the package. 

The market was immediately closed after this transaction. No proof was found by the police that Withers really got the parcel. On March 19, 2021, the detectives carried out a search warrant at Withers’ home. Two iPhones and three computers were found during the search. On the laptops, he reportedly installed the TOR browser.

The court was informed by his defense attorney that he was only permitted to bring 4 grams of cocaine. He also revealed that Withers had been sober for more than a year despite using cocaine at the time of the importation. Withers received a jail term of two years and eight months from the presiding judge.

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