• Sat. Aug 19th, 2023

Australian Drugs Vendor AusCokeKing Busted

Aug 8, 2023
Australian Drugs Vendor AusCokeKing Busted
David Brown

According to a news statement from the NSW police force, Mark Chikarovski, 37, was detained on the basis that his detectives believed he had been dealing substantial amounts of cocaine, amphetamine, and MDMA on Dark Web markets since 2017. He had been using the AusCokeKing vendor persona.

Strike Force Cesta investigators performed the investigations that led to Chikarovski’s detention. His seller profile was found by the investigators on an unnamed Dark Web market. The Cybercrime Squad of the State Crime Command established the task force in January 2023 with the mandate to look into the distribution of illegal narcotics in New South Wales via the Dark Web.

On May 18th, 2023, the detectives carried out searches at a home and an apartment after conducting “extensive inquiries.” The detectives allegedly discovered Chikarovski at the residence in the middle of weighing and packing medicines for shipment to his customers.

“We don’t think he even knew that the police were interested in his actions at the time. He was preparing to post medicine packing. At the time he was really detained, he was taking safety measures and wearing gloves.”

During the search, two Porsche SUVs, more than $19,900 in cash, and more than 178,800 in cryptocurrency were taken into custody. Additionally, undeclared amounts of cocaine, meth, MDMA, and other substances were discovered and seized by the investigators.

A total of 31 charges, including 16 counts of selling illegal substances and dealing in stolen property, were later brought against Chikarovski.

The Waverley Local Court released him on bail on May 19th with the requirements that he turn in his passport, report to the police every day, and refrain from using any technological devices.