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Massive Ketamine Seizure: Trio Arrested

Aug 13, 2023
Massive Ketamine Seizure: Trio Arrested
David Brown

The greatest seizure of ketamine in Australia was made possible by the AFP’s capture of three alleged criminals in Victoria. Throughout the operation, 174 kg of ketamine totaling over $6.9 million in value was confiscated. The suspects are charged with organizing the import of 80 kg of ketamine and making an effort to obtain possession of the illegal substances. The arrests were made as part of a transnational investigation into serious and organized crime.

Largest Ketamine Seizure in Australia: Three Arrested

After the AFP obtained information from the Spanish Guardia Civil about a dubious shipment shipped to Australia, the investigation, known as Operation Woodgate, got underway in May. 80 kg of ketamine were concealed within plastic tubes in the shipment from Spain that was posed as liquid cement.

The suspects were captured in Lara, close to Geelong, after a well orchestrated operation. The operation resulted in the seizure of further evidence, many opened buckets of cement, and mobile phones. 80 kg more of suspected ketamine was discovered buried at the Lara residence in addition to the original ketamine that was seized.

Additional evidence was found during the inquiry at two commercial storage facilities in Yarraville and Williamstown, as well as an Altona home. High-powered gel blasters, around 25 kg of suspected MDMA, and over $210,000 in cash were also seized.

Various charges, including life in prison, are brought against the detained people in connection with the importation and possession of substances that are subject to border controls. The AFP highlighted that it was committed to pursuing transnational serious and organized criminal syndicates that were engaged in drug trafficking vigorously. The effective operation shows how strong international law enforcement collaborations are, as well as how determined people are to make the world a hostile place for criminal activity.

Transnational criminal organizations trying to bring narcotics into Australia were advised by AFP Detective Superintendent Hall to pay attention to the arrests and the agency’s continuous attempts to shut down their activities. The AFP will keep working with both local and foreign partners to find and dismantle criminal organizations that are engaged in drug trafficking.