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“Wrecking Ball” Prison Term

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ByDavid Brown

Sep 5, 2023
"Wrecking Ball" Prison Term
David Brown

A 44-year-old Dominican Republic citizen with legal residency was sentenced to prison for participating in a cocaine and heroin scam.

Guilty Verdict: Drug Network Leader Faces Prison

Emilio Ramon Torres was found guilty in August 2022 by a federal jury following an 11-day trial. He was found guilty of having 16 kilos of cocaine with the intent to distribute it, as well as of planning to supply a sizable quantity of both cocaine and heroin.

He now faces a cumulative sentence of 120 months in federal prison. Additionally, his ability to stay in the US may be taken away.

The investigation primarily focused on a network of drug dealers and colleagues, many of whom were citizens of the Dominican Republic, who supplied customers in various states, including Texas, by utilizing popular Mexican drug suppliers. This group worked out of the Houston area and sold cocaine and heroin all throughout the nation.

Torres kept cocaine in his Houston flat, which helped him become a member of this network of narcotics sellers. When instructed on how much to deliver to customers, he obtained coke supplies and stored them at home.

Torres was found guilty on all charges by the jury, disproving the defense’s assertions that he was an upright man who would never sell narcotics.

He will be kept in custody until he is transferred to a U.S. Bureau of Prisons facility; the location of that prison will shortly be determined.

The operation was conducted by the DEA and HSI with assistance from the Houston Police Department.

The OCDETF employs a multi-agency, prosecutor-led, intelligence-driven approach to identify, dismantle, and eliminate high-level criminal organizations that pose dangers to the US. You can learn more on the Department of Justice’s OCDETF homepage.

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