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ASAP Market, One of the Biggest Darknet Marketplaces, Announced its Closure

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ByDavid Brown

Sep 4, 2023
ASAP Market, Major Darknet Marketplace, Closes
David Brown

ASAP admin stated that the purchasing on the website is disabled and the market is retiring. ASAP was one of the oldest marketplace on the dark web and was loved by many users. Dread admin shared that the market might come back to the surface later, but this is the end for now. The main page of the website showed next message:

“Dear friends, ASAP Market is finally retiring after a successful journey. Ordering has been disabled. All disputes will be resolved before closing the market. Everyone should withdraw the funds ASAP. Everyone must do it within 15 days.”

ASAP Market was renowned for being a significant platform for the sale of drugs, offering a wide range of illegal substances such as stimulants, marijuana, hashish, steroids, barbiturates, ecstasy, opioids, and other illicit goods. Additionally, the marketplace also featured non-drug categories including counterfeits, fraud, and digital goods.

Users Reaction On Darknet Marketplace`s Shut Down

In contrast to the typical “exit scam” scenario, where market administrators abscond with customers’ funds and shut down the servers, ASAP’s retirement is being viewed as a positive change. However, there is concern about incomplete orders that may not be fulfilled before the 15-day deadline.

Upon hearing the news, users on Dread and Reddit quickly reacted by spreading the information and speculating about the future, including the possibility of an exit scam. In the past, similar situations have occurred, such as when White House Market announced retirement and abruptly shut down, leaving many loyal customers financially impacted. The coming weeks will shed more light on the situation.

It is important to note that we do not endorse or support any illicit activities or substance abuse. The information provided in this article is solely for educational purposes.

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