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Operating an International Fentanyl Trafficking Organization: Three Foreign Nationals Receive Prison Terms

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ByDavid Brown

Sep 3, 2023
Foreign Nationals Sentenced for Fentanyl
David Brown

A 43-year-old Colombian man named Daniel Vivas Ceron was given a 27-year prison term for running a global criminal organization that sent out copious amounts of fentanyl. Jason Joey Berry, a 40-year-old accomplice, and Ceron arranged shipments of fentanyl and its analogs from China to Canada and the United States while they were imprisoned in Quebec, Canada. 15 overdoses, including four fatalities and 11 incidents of serious physical harm, were the outcome of this distribution.

The Sentence and Combating the Crime

Berry was given a 24-year jail term on July 24 for his part in importing and trafficking fentanyl from China to Canada and the US. On July 17, a second conspirator, 43-year-old Xuan Cahn Nguyen, also known as Jackie or Jackie Chan, of Point-Aux-Tremble, Quebec, Canada, was given a 22-year jail term. Nguyen aided Berry and Ceron in obtaining fentanyl, shipping it to the US, and managing the revenues from the sale of illegal drugs.

The defendants bought fentanyl from international vendors and planned to resell it in America. 

The Justice Department is dedicated to pursuing every node in this worldwide supply chain and keeping those responsible who benefit from this lethal substance in check.

Strong penalties were given to the defendants who caused fentanyl overdose deaths in North Dakota and other states, ensuring responsibility. This achievement was made possible by the collaboration of law enforcement agencies in North Dakota, the United States, and Canada.

To stop the fentanyl epidemic and preserve lives, drug trafficking networks like the Ceron Network must be destroyed. It is essential that domestic and foreign partners coordinate.

In the fight against illegal opioids and preventing the supply of illicit drugs, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) is essential. The dedication of HSI to safeguarding local populations from these lethal chemicals is unwavering.

As a consequence of Operation Denial, 31 individuals were charged in North Dakota and three were charged in Oregon, and the organization lost approximately $1 million in cash and property.

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