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317 Drug Dealers Were Caught in Shimla

Jun 13, 2023
317 Drug Dealers Were Caught in Shimla
David Brown

When contrasted with the previous year, Shimla saw a 62% increase in cases and charges. 90% of the occasions that were reported included the trafficking of chitta (adulterated heroin). 

“10 women and 72 peddlers from outside the state have been arrested in 219 cases from January 1 to April 28 in comparison to 116 arrests in 93 cases during the same period last year,” SP Shimla Sanjeev Kumar Gandhi informed the press.

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300 Drug Dealers Identified

According to him, 300 drug dealers have been identified in the district and are being monitored using a data bank. According to him, the mobile phones of these individuals were scanned to discover internet transactions that served as useful evidence and led to detention. 

Officers targeted drug sellers in the worst-affected neighborhoods, particularly New Shimla, Bhatakuffar, Krishna Nagar, Sanjauli, Dhalli, Malyana, and Vikas Nagar in Shimla town, as well as Rohru, Rampur, Theog, and Chaila.

Authorities in this area will now target drug users and charge them in accordance with section 27 of the NDPS Act in an effort to stop the cycle and lower the number of potential targets, a police official said. The official added that the drug users will also receive warnings and counseling in addition to being detained and transported into rehabilitation and de-addiction facilities.

The price of chitta is between Rs 4,000 and 5,000 per gram. Individuals combine several medications. According to Vikram Kuthiala, who operates a rehab, they also use alcohol, marijuana, opium, and dope in addition to chemicals and contaminated heroin.

According to former State Forensic Science Laboratory Director Arun Sharma, the semi-synthetic opioid chitta (dialetylmorphine), which is mostly derived from heroin, is extremely harmful and lethal because its intake rises through the time and can even be fatal in overdoses.