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How to Access the Dark Web on Iphone in 2023

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ByWilliam Wilson

Aug 17, 2023
How to Access the Dark Web on Iphone in 2023
William Wilson
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The dark web may be used for different purposes including the right of free speech and access to news posted by independent journalists. Although it might seem difficult to enter the dark web iphone version, the right tools will help you do it smoothly. In this article we will go over the main aspects that you need to know to enter the free net. Keep in mind that we don’t support conducting any illegal activities on the dark web. All the materials are strictly for educational purposes.

Get a VPN

An example of VPN service.

Your safety is the most important thing when it comes to the dark web. Don’t take risks and provide yourself with a trustworthy VPN service that will keep your identity hidden at all times. Download the best VPN service for dark web and connect to the location you prefer. It’s better that you keep your VPN on for the whole time that you are willing to spend on the dark web.

Download TOR

The Onion Browser.

The Onion browser, usually referred to as the TOR browser, is frequently associated with the dark web, a network that allows for safe access to the unreachable internet. To connect to the TOR network, download the TOR browser, then launch the Onion browser. You only need to click the “Connect to Tor” button to create a secure connection, after which you may browse the free internet without risking your security or privacy.

Use Safe Search Engine

One of the safest search engines on the dark web – DuckDuckGo.

The most popular and safe search engine on the dark web is duckduckgo. With this engine you will have access to some of the hidden links of the dark web. Since the dark web is mostly unregulated, you should never access a hidden website without first verifying its validity. This is where dark web link directories like TorLinks and the Hidden Wiki come into play. 

Apply Security Measures

Antivirus software for IOS.

There is a myth that there is no ability to check or monitor if your email address was found on the dark web, but this is not true. Your email, as well as your IP address and other digital traces, can be easily tracked by hackers or police. This is why it’s important to know how to apply dark web cybersecurity measures to protect yourself: 

  • Use TOR Browser;
  • Install antivirus software;
  • Only use safe search engines like duckduckgo;
  • Use dark web monitoring tools to trace what data was leaked;
  • Never reveal your identity to anyone;
  • Avoid dark web jobs; 
  • Always keep your VPN working; 
  • Don’t click any suspicious links;

Now you know how to surf over the dark web safely! Be cautious while entering suspicious pages and do not involve yourself in any illegal activities.

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