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How to Be Safe on the Dark Web?

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ByWilliam Wilson

Aug 17, 2023
How to Be Safe on Dark Web?
William Wilson
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Beyond unlawful activities, the dark web offers anonymity and the ability to express opinions freely. Accessing it is not inherently illegal, but it’s crucial to understand the proper methods of how to apply dark web cybersecurity. 

The dark web is decentralized and is not controlled by the government or any third party. However, keep in mind that the hidden network is constantly being monitored by both hackers and authorities, so you seriously need to prepare before visiting that dark web page. This is why we prepared the ultimate dark web, anonymity, privacy & security course below.

Use the Best VPN for Dark Web

A connected VPN service.

Use a trustworthy VPN (Virtual Private Network) when browsing the dark web to protect your privacy and anonymity. Maintaining your privacy is vital, especially if you’re curiously exploring dark web marketplaces (avoid engaging in illicit activity). Always check if your VPN is on and try to avoid free VPN for dark web, as many of them contain malicious software.

Download Tor Browser

Tor browser and its security settings.

To avoid risks, don’t use public browsers such as safari, chrome, mozilla, or others. Tor browser was designed to maintain high privacy and security by hiding the true user’s identity and location. Disable Javascript in your Tor browser to prevent malicious scripts from interfering with your browsing sessions. 

Choose “Preferences” in the macOS software or “Settings” in the Windows app. Select “Privacy & Security” from the drop-down menu in the browser window that appears. Click to proceed, then scroll down to “Security.” Choose “Safest.” Now you`re all set with the most secure channel.

Learn Basics

A subreddit dedicated to the dark web (deepweb).

Users frequently search how to access dark web reddit because communities like this have dedicated topics about the dark web, the dangers, tips, and other useful information. Go to subreddits like /r/deepweb, /r/TOR, or /r/onions to be aware of all the recent updates about accessing dark web.

Dark Web Cybersecurity 

One of the dark web monitoring tools.

To avoid malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks, download cutting-edge antivirus programs that will warn you about potential hazards. Follow the best dark web monitoring companies to learn about the latest cyber threats. Don`t click on any suspicious links, keep your identity hidden, and don’t make friends on dark web. In addition, you can turn off your microphone and webcam (you can put a tape on it as well).

Use Cryptocurrency Mixers

A BTC crypto mixer.

Markets are always the most dangerous places on the whole dark web. When it comes to the payment, cryptocurrencies are not as safe as they seem. It’s really easy to track you in seconds after purchase, especially for authorities. To keep safe, utilize crypto mixers that make it harder to trace a transaction.

Don`t Conduct Any Illegal Activity

An example of illegal products on the dark web.

Dark web is full of illegal products, such as drugs, red rooms, weapons, dark web hacking forums, and adult content. Interacting with any of these subjects might have serious consequences, such as arrest or even jail time. We highly don’t recommend browsing potentially dangerous things. We also don`t support conducting any illegal activity on the dark web.

Keep in mind that we don’t support conducting any illegal activities on the dark web. All the materials are strictly for educational purposes.

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