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The Worst Dark Web Pages to Visit

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ByWilliam Wilson

Aug 17, 2023
The Worst Dark Web Pages to Visit
William Wilson
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Have you ever stepped foot in scariest dark web stories? If not, this article offers a thorough list of the sites that are the most upsetting. The dark web shows an unfathomable world where the most terrifying and frightening tales take place. Some of the most horrifying online encounters may be found on these websites. Approach them with caution since a visit might leave you feeling really uneasy and it also might be illegal, that’s why we won’t mention any onion links.

Note that we don`t support or promote any illegal activities on the dark web. All the material is for educational purposes only, so you avoid interacting with dangerous websites and understand the difference between dark web facts and dark web myths.

The Human Experiment

The human experiment site.

“The Human Experiment” is regarded as one of the scariest things found on the dark web and carries out horrible live experiments on people, such as injecting pregnant women with bleach, starving, sterilizing, and exposing them to radiation. They appear to be mostly targeting homeless individuals and subjecting them to excruciating torture. The horrifying motto for these videos is “Not all humans are equal, for some of them were born superior to others.”

Human Cookbook

Dark web cannibal, Alexander Barter (Sentenced).

Consuming members of one’s own species is known as cannibalism, a phenomena that occasionally occurs in human civilizations for ceremonial purposes. This taboo is further highlighted by notorious incidents like the horrific crimes committed by Jeffrey Dahmer. In spite of historical examples, cannibalism is still quite uncommon in contemporary civilizations. Unexpectedly, a cannibal cookbook may be found on the Dark Web, according to a Redditor by the name of Baconboyloiter, who discovered it while browsing the web out of laziness in an information technology class.

Coffin Viewing

This creepy dark web site features a disturbing collection of people in coffins who were photographed in a variety of locations, including funeral houses, morgues, and cemeteries, just before burial. Questions are raised by the users’ perplexing motivations and the provenance of the uploaded photographs. The website has a comment area where users can pay tribute, which just adds to the unpleasant nature. Some remarks, such as those praising the deceased’s attractiveness, are especially terrible. This website acts as an unsettling gathering place for people who don’t seem to be linked to reality.

Death Sentence

An inmate on a death row.

Death row inmates are given the chance to say their final words, which are frequently videotaped and occasionally posted on deep web websites. Strangely, deep web users have become more and more interested in these tapes, arguing that the convicted people deserved their lot in life. Some look for these words in the aim of learning something from individuals who are about to die. Even more alarming than the state’s need to record these closing remarks is the fact that they have appeared on the deep web. Those dark web videos are considered to be on top of the dark web iceberg.

Hacked Webcams

Hacked dark web cameras spying on different people.

Even if it’s not the scariest website, the possibility that you can unintentionally land on one is nonetheless disconcerting. Unsettlingly, some areas of the deep web show live feeds from hacked webcams, including everything from security cameras to personal PCs. Unaware subjects are secretly recorded while going about their normal lives, and some hackers have even played creepy sounds through these infected webcams, such as nighttime cries. As a sobering reminder of internet privacy and security, this uncomfortable fact is disquieting.

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